Raw material arrive to our facility from the villages in the region. We use our own trucks for safe transportation for timely arrival.
Bay Leaves arrive to our facility as removed from the branches still fresh.

We place the leaves after removing from the branches to the trays for oven drying.
We have 4 in-house, high capacity, digitally controlled drying ovens enabling us to supply continuously even in winter months where we cannot utilize the sun for drying.

We clean the leaves mechanically to remove foreign material by sifting and by utilizing indentors.
We remove light filth through our air channels.

Laurel trees grow naturally in forests. Therefore there may be defects on the leaves naturally.
This is why it is almost impossible to have identical, perfect leaves all the time.

Followed by series of sifting and cleaning steps in our production line we pack the goods either in to carton boxes or press them in to bales.

Better quality leaves are usually packed in to carton boxes to avoid breakage of the leaves.